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Hilberling GmbH

In 1988 Hilberling GmbH was founded in Rendsburg by the company owner and today’s chief developer, Hans Hilberling. During his training and studies, he developed the first ham radio devices and published in professional journals. He gained many years of experience as an engineer in the development of radio communication devices for air and sea vehicles and thus laid the foundation for Hilberling GmbH.

In addition to the pure hardware development, software development (operation / control / evaluation) and mechanical construction (housing) were also added. High-frequency generators (Q-Switch-Driver) for the laser industry (laser marking) have developed into one of the strongest business areas of Hilberling GmbH. The development and manufacture of power supply units and power amplifiers (HF / VHF / UHF) were just as successful.

Know-how and experience in the development of industrial products result in high-quality and powerful devices for the premium segment in the ham radio sector.