High Frequency Development

The focus of our activies lies in the development of high-frequency assemblies.

We uncompromisingly rely on high-quality measurement technology, which enables us to optimize the circuit design with high precision.

Entwicklung von Leiterplatten mit CAD

PCB Development

Our circuit boards are designed and optimized for high-frequency properties, manufacturability and space requirements.

Engineering and Design

Our assemblies get their protective cover in the mechanical design. The assembly or housing geometries are designed in such a way that optimal integration into the customer’s systems is guaranteed.

Software Development

Our software works seamlessly with our hardware. It ensures convenient operation, effective integration into higher-level control systems and the safe operation of our devices.

The Combination Makes the Difference

Due to the great vertical range of manufacture (circuit and software development, housing design, circuit board development and assembly, final assembly and commissioning) we develop, produce and deliver all-round optimal solutions.


All assemblies manufactured in-house undergo a burn-in test. The last step before delivery is the individual device test according to a test-procedure.