Ham Radio - Development and History

The beginnings of our enthusiasm for amateur radio technology go back a long way. Even in his youth, the founder and chief developer of Hilberling GmbH, Hans Hilberling, DK7LG, used to spend his free time getting to know, researching and improving radio equipment and systems. The fundamental understanding of the physical relationships on the one hand, as well as the irrepressible private scientific pursuit of the implementation of the acquired knowledge in tangible hardware in the form of functional devices on the other hand, led Hans Hilberling to the development of radio communications technology early on, both in terms of his professional activity and his leisure activities.

During his activity as a developer for radio communication devices in the aviation and shipping industry, he also created transmitting and receiving devices for amateur radio – time and again new designs with electronic components that are newly available on the market, which promised new perspectives in terms of performance and quality.

So it was only a matter of time, after the company was founded – after many years of developing and manufacturing high-frequency modules for industry, e.g. for laser systems – that the first premium device for the ham radio market was presented.

In the following we give a little insight into the research and development work in DK7LG’s home laboratory from the recent past. We briefly look back at trade fair participations and company anniversaries and finally take a look back at the beginning of the device developments before and at the beginning of the early GmbH.

Forschungsarbeit 200W-PA PT-8000A

Research Work

1.8 … 150 MHz / 200 W-PA (PT-8000A)

Funktionstest 250W-PA-Modul

Function Test

100 … 500 MHz / 250 W PA module

Forschungsarbeit PT-8000A

Home laboratory research work on PT-8000A components

OM Hilberling im Home-Labor

OM Hilberling – DK7LG – in his home laboratory in the midst of successful development work

Funktionstest 500W-PA-Modul

Function Test

20 … 100 MHz / 500 W PA module

IM3-Test 500 W-PA-Modul

IM3 Test

500 W PA module

Funktionstest 250 W-PA-Modul

Function Test

100 … 500 MHz / 250 W PA module

Smith-Diagramm SWR-Koppler-Modul

100 … 500 MHz SWR coupler module

Funktionstest der kompletten Leistungsendstufe

First function test of the completed power output stage in a 19 ‘‘ rack

Home-Labor von DK7LG

PCB CAD workstation and ham radio station in DK7LG’s home laboratory

Antennenanlage am Home_labor DK7LG

Antenna installation at the home laboratory

Hilberling at Trade Fairs

HamRadio 2018

HamRadio Friedrichshafen 2018
Anniversary “30 years of Hilberling GmbH”

Messestand HamRadio 2018

Our booth at HamRadio Friedrichshafen 2018

Hilberling Messeteam HamRadio 2018

The Hilberling trade fair team at HamRadio Friedrichshafen 2018


Hilberling-Team 2018

The Hilberling team in
Anniversary year 2018

Welcoming the guests from the ham radio world, industry and regional politics on the occasion of our 30th anniversary

Hilberling-Team 2008

The Hilberling team in 2008 at the company’s 20th anniversary

Betriebsausflug zum 20jährigen Jubiläum

Company outing for the 20th anniversary of Hilberling GmbH on the Kiel Canal

Developments from the Early Days of the GmbH

Rechnergesteuerter Kurzwellen-Transceiver

Computer Controlled Shortwave Transceiver

1.5 … 30 MHz AM / SSB
100 Watt HF output
12 / 28 V
Complete emergency radio operation with control unit in the handset

HF-Generator (QSD)

HF Generator (QSD)

100 W HF output
Switch off time 150 nsec

128 k UHF Daten-Funkmodem

128 k UHF Data Radio Modem

Early Developments before Founding the GmbH

SW-All-Mode Receiver „RX16“

SW-All-Mode Receiver „RX16“

9 kHz … 16 MHz
12 V

5-Band Mobil-Transceiver „MT80-10“

5 Band Mobile Transceiver „MT80-10“

80 / 40 / 20 / 15 / 10 m
12 V
100 Watt HF output

20 m Band Receiver Kit „RX14“

5 … 15 V
published in CQ DL 12-81

Mobile Transceiver Kit „MT80/20“

20 m / 80 m
12 V
100 Watt HF output
published in CQ DL 4/5-77

Spectrum Analyzer „SA 677“

100 kHz … 1.5 GHz center frequency
Secondary receiver AM / FM

Panorama-Receiver „PC 200“

Panorama Receiver „PC 200“

2 m band
Representation on the TV screen / monitor

Fuchsjagdempfänger „Heide“

Foxhunting Receiver „Heide“

2 m / 80 m
9 V


Narrowband Image Transmission

((Slow-Scan-TV – SSTV, 8-second pictures) with “drum scanner” and luminous radar tube.

Continuous image transmission in the radio voice channel.