Welcome to Hilberling Hochfrequenztechnik

Since 1988, we have been developing and manufacturing high-frequency components and devices for well-known industrial companies, research institutions and ham radio operators.


As a specialist in high-frequency technology, we develop and produce for industry and research

  • HF power amplifier
  • HF generators
  • Antenna di- and triplexers
  • HF power combiner / splitter
  • Power supply units
  • and much more


Relying on many years of extensive experience in the development of high-frequency modules and devices using high-end measurement technology and the latest semiconductor technologies, innovative circuit designs for new application ideas are developed


The in-house developed components are manufactured using the latest assembly, soldering and testing processes. Housing design and software are created in parallel and custom-fit. Commissioning and final tests complete our products.

Ham Radio

Professional high-frequency know-how creates exclusive Ham radio products.


Many years of experience as a development and manufacturing specialist in the field of high-frequency technology guarantees the timely development of targeted solutions and their timely implementation.


We are enthusiastic about our technology and we are equipped with measuring technology that leaves nothing to be desired so that high-quality and custom-fit products are created.

Solutions from a single source

From the design of highly complex circuits, circuit board design and assembly to housing design, certification and final assembly, we take care of and support every development step.

Talk to us, we will work out suitable solutions according to your requirements!

ISO 9001 Certification

We have been ISO 9001 :2015 certified since December 2017.