Power Supply Units

For use in industrial laser systems, we have developed special power supplies for both plasma lasers and diode lasers.


Output power [W]


Ignition voltage 1800 V


Diode current 80 A max

The power supply unit for plasma lasers is equipped with an ignition booster.

The control for cooling the laser by means of a Peltier elements and the remote control via a data interface are also integrated in the power supply unit for diode lasers

Due to the high power density of the switched-mode power supply technology used, the power supply units are very compact despite their performance.


Power supply for plasma lasers, incl. ignition booster.

Output power: 6 kW
Output voltage: 0 … 1.8 kV
Supply: 360 … 400 V AC
Housing: aluminum, colorless chromated
active cooling


Power supply for diode lasers, incl. Peltier diode cooling

Output power: 1 kW
Diode current: max. 80 A
Supply: 160 … 240 V AC
CAN-Bus remote control
Housing: sheet steel
active cooling